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About Curry Brothers Tree Care

We Are Passionate About Your Trees

At Curry Brothers Tree Care we are passionate about tree care. As certified arborists, we truly care about your trees! Watching your residential trees and your families grow over the years into wonderful works of art is one of the highlights of our lives.

Keeping your commercial trees in top aesthetic shape delivers a commercial statement that we are proud to support. We know and understand that trees can be hazardous with improper care. Although we can’t completely eliminate risks, we can mitigate and significantly reduce that risk.

We also are empathetic to the fact that your home is your castle , fortress and place of refuge, that your business environs deliver a message to your customers. This is why we scrupulously give awareness to artistry, meticulous attention to detail, and the protection of your valued property.

Care in Pruning

Little details can make a big difference in results. Besides the obvious things like where to cut, safety, cleanup, and care for your property, we always disinfect our tools in between trees and jobs. The last thing that you want is diseases being transferred from someone else’s yard to your beloved trees!

Environmental Respect

We are all about care for the world we live in and strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. An example of extending this philosophy to the smallest detail is our use of 100% biodegradable vegetable based bar and chain oil. It’s better for you, your property, pets, and the environment.

A Little History

Curry Bros Tree Care was founded in 1999 by Sean Curry, who later welcomed his brother, Chris Curry, into the business. Together, they established a reputation for exceptional quality, reliability, and unparalleled customer service. In 2015, both became ISA Certified arborists to further enhance their services.

While Chris left the business some years ago, Sean Curry continues to lead and operate the business today. Our mission remains focused on serving the Silicon Valley area with passion and dedication, aiming to improve the safety, sustainability, beauty, and health of woody plants for years to come.


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Certifications and Licenses

Certified Arborist # WE 10636A
Contractor License # 801089
Bonded, Insured, p.l.p.d, Workman’s Comp

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